We are experienced floating experts passionate about helping people improve their health and well-being in a variety of ways.


Our Mission

Liquid strives to generate an awareness about important issues concerning health & wellness. Our direct contribution is providing individuals and businesses opportunities to use our floating solutions which can aid in a wide variety of aliments, or simply serve as a great way to decompress and unwind. We are also passionate and dedicated to highlighting what others in the health and wellness industry are doing to improve the quality of life for us all.

Our Team



Founder of Liquid Floats


Our story

Liquid Float Center is proud to be Austin’s premier float spa serving clients from our location on Anderson Lane. With over 50 years of research, floatation therapy offers an effective alternative to conventional methods in reducing anxiety, depression, blood pressure, negative thinking, and chronic pain. After a session at our float spa, you'll experience increased clarity, motivation, and general sense of well-being. We guarantee that you will notice a difference not only in how you feel, but also in the way you think. Stop by one of our locations or contact us for more information!