LIQUID has partnered with Orbit Float Tanks to offer an improved floating experience for both users and operators


built from scratch

Starting from a blank sheet of paper, Orbit was designed with a concentration on the future of floating. Market research led the development of Orbit to improve both user, and operators experiences.


Watch this video to learn more about Orbit!


Orbit's impressive set of features sets it apart from the competition


Large Internal Space

The design of Orbits internal space has been optimised to comfortably accommodate users up to 7 foot 4 inches, whilst still keeping a small external footprint.


Lighting & Music

With 4 Independent LEDs, the interior is a welcoming relaxing space. With nature inspired lighting effects developed specifically for relaxation & calming.


REduced maintenance

Self draining and skimming reduces worker effort between float sessions. Surfaces designed for easy cleaning and longevity.


greater Accessibility

Improved entry design along with a motorized automatic door makes entering the tank a breeze as well as caters to those with mobility issues 


See the brochure for more info on all of the Orbit tank's features!

  • Nature inspired Lighting Effects

  • Organic Shape  

  • Easy Entry & Exit

  • Robust Multi Section Construction

  • Room Light control

  • Attendant Call Buttons

  • Silent Ventilation

  • Active Condensation Control

  • Online Monitoring

  • Inline & Embedded Heating

  • Mechanically Assisted Door

  • Non-slip Internal Floor Surface

  • Easy Clean Coating

  • High-Quality Audio


Orbit is space efficient and works in a variety of layouts


LIQUID is powered by the best the float industry has to offer

We aim to facilitate our clients from concept to creation and everywhere in-between. By working with LIQUID, you can be certain that your future operations and clients will have the most comprehensive float experience possible. Our team, in conjunction with the partners below, are committed to making your journey through our industry as smooth and pleasant as a float. 

FloatExperts provides us with a Float Store where individuals can get all the float center related goods in one place as well as logistical and installation support for Orbits by LIQUID.

Floathelm is a CRM, POS, training and operations system developed specifically for Float centers by a float center allowing unmatched efficiency and reduction in work load.

Float Tank Solutions offers workshops for those looking to open a center, before build-out consulting, build-out consulting, marketing consulting, and equipment support for all types of floatation devices. For anyone, who isn't a pro or hasn't opened a center before, will benefit greatly from utilizing any of their resources and purchasable documents.  

Orbit provides us with the best floating equipment and hardware available in the industry

Bio Pure H202 gives us the best and only H202 in the world derived solely from plant based materials. 

See the Orbit for Yourself!


introducing the "orbit world" on-boarding process

LIQUID of Austin and Orbit are offering a unique opportunity for getting hands-on, on-site, in-person knowledge of owning and operating an Orbit float tank in a real float center environment. 

Here is just part of what you will be getting by taking part in this process with us:

  • Round-trip airfare to Austin for a weekend.
  • Extremely comfortable accommodations in upscale Georgetown, Texas.
  • A minimum of 4 hours floating in an Orbit Float Tank.
  • Focused conversations with spa clients on their Orbit experience.
  • Briefing by spa management/staff on reduced costs/efforts of Orbit maintenance.
  • Free consulting to initiate a 5-year business game plan by Professor Bruce A. Thompson, who has for over 43 years created plans, strategies and critical solutions for Fortune 50 C-Level executives.

... and ideally, the beginning of one of your most pleasant, helpful and profitable supplier relationships.


how to get on board

  • Admission is purchasing an Orbit Placeholder. 
  • The fee is a non-refundable $2500 deposit on an Orbit Float Tank


want more info?

Any questions or inquiries are welcome! Please reach out to us at the contact page


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